stealdontkill (stealdontkill) wrote,

friday sucked.
saturday morning sucked, russell made me cry while we were eating at george's. but it's all good now.
saturday night was way fun, all our plans actually worked out and we definitely got our money's worth :) even though we kinda just sat around. i am now craving cigarettes. bummer. i think a lot of stuff got sorted out. i love my homies more than anything.

new orleans tomorrow. yesssss!

my aunt and uncle are here. it's really nice that they come over now that my dad is out of the picture. i think it's good for nicknick as well, since him and my uncle spend a lot of time together and do boy shit and all that.

also, i'm debating as to whether or not i want to continue taking the birth control i have, change to a different pill, or stop it all together. hmmmm. i just don't want ridiculous hormone changes. i freak out too much now. i don't give a shit whether or not i cramp or how long my period lasts, to be honest. i just want to feel normal (and not be paranoid about dem babiez).

good stuff.

p.s. homies - i am drinking lots and lots of vitamin water today, srsly u guyz.
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yeah. all good stuff. man i just made this chicken and shrimp with orange juice and citrus grill seasons. its delicious. anyway. yeah im glad with how everything went last night.
i miss you G :)